On an adventure, learning as I go along

I love to explore new places. I do my best to document my journey and travels through photography. They aren't all masterpieces, but each photo does tell a story and recite a memory.


I've put a few of my favorites on this page. I keep all my photos organized on Flickr. Check out my albums - I hope you enjoy viewing them!

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Anthony Papini

Anthony is a passionate advocate for social justice advocacy and creating dynamic social change and mission-driven impact through technology. He is currently the Volunteer Program Manager for TEALS, a program that helps high schools build sustainable computer science programs by pairing trained computer science professionals with classroom teachers to team-teach computer science throughout the US. Anthony spent four years in Chicago where he served as a nonprofit executive director and worked in higher education. Previously, he worked with student leadership programs at University of Washington and Bowling Green State University. 


Anthony was born to Italian immigrant parents and grew up in Seattle. He enjoys traveling, theatre (plays AND musicals!), and exploring the city with his dog, Sophocles. He is also a self-admitted nerd and loves technology, particularly exploring how it can promote better access to education. Anthony earned a Master of Arts in College Student Personnel from BGSU and a Bachelor of Arts from Fairhaven College at Western Washington University.

I take pictures. Sometimes they turn out!

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